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John E. Conover, Jr., P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York
and Chiang Mai, Thailand

June 7th, 2018


In Kenya, 5 aquifers have been discovered

Elephant DNA can help to find poachers

Australian camels could be shot to curb methane emissions


Water pollution in Bangladesh

Brazil, preparing for the summer olympics with boats to clean up floating garbage


The arctic village of Nunavut, Canada
 was surveyed for Google street view

Oil sands of Canada

Chile has so much solar energy, its giving electricity away for free


Pollution of the Lanxi River, Hunan province, China

A desalinization plant in Tianjin , China

Fracking in Jiaoshizhen, China


“Pollution and Health”, a report by the Lancet commission and comments from me.

The complete Lancet report

My comments on the Lancet report

A fact sheet on Dengue Fever from the World Health Organization has some very important information.

Increases in CO2 in the atmosphere may be helping the earth to be greener

The World’s Carbon Inventory

Ice ages and carbon, NY Times, February 28 2013

NASA can measure claciers all over the world


Health effects of air pollution in England, in the late 1800s

The complete article about air pollution in England

My comments on this article


Waste to energy plants are more popular in Europe than in America


Sewage pollution from the Gaza Strip

Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific refuses to ship shark fins


Water pollution in a stream in Jerusalem

In Kenya, 5 aquifers have been discovered

India, 2014, Environmental rules weakened,
               NY Times, December 4 2014

Pollution in the Ganges River in India

500 million people in India do not have toilets(2014)

Bhopol Disaster, Wikipedia article

Bhopol Air Pollution disaster, 1984, NY Times

The Maldives, solid waste management problems and recommendations


Wastewater from Maxico City is used to irrigate crops

Whale watching trip to Mexico to see Grey Whales

In Mongolia, wildlife populations are declining drastically


North Korea

A giant solar power plant in Morocco

Oceans of the world

Information about sharks

Floating self propelled solar powered robots explore the oceans

Ocean noise pollution

The Pacific Garbage Patch might be twice as big as Rhode Island

Dolphins and sea lions report for active duty in the US military

How much carbon is in the oceans and the atmosphere?
by John Conover Jr.,, P.E, May 2012

Smugglers of endangered sea turtle products were caught and went to jail


USA, Russia, and natural gas

Switzerland’s history of toxic properity

USA, Russia and natural gas map

Sweden will import trash to burn in its waste to energy plants


Thailands Public Health Act, BE 2535, an unoffical translation

“Thailand Momentum on Policy and Practice in Local Legislation on Dengue Vector Control”

My comments on the above 3 articles and Dengue control in Thailand

Chiang Mai news stories regarding air pollution, January to June 2017


The ecology of the Tibetan Plateau

Seasonal Air Pollution in Northern Thailand

An Elephant sanctuary in North Thailand

Elephant Welfare by Veterinarian Bjarne Clausen

Ukraine to open the Chernoble zone to tourists

Extreme tourism at Chernoble

Mercury air pollution regulation for power plants

It is estimated that 40% of the food in the USA is wasted


A pesticide that harms monarch butterflies was banned

Monarch butterflies population has decreased

USA, Russia, and natural gas

USA, Russia and natural gas map


Chlorpyrifos a pesticide, was recommended to be banned by the EPA when Obama was president. After Trump was elected, the ban was rejected

The least visited national park in the United States

North America’s larget coal burning power plant was shut down and will be replaced with a solar energy farm


He falsified waste water test reports and went to jail

Helping bees in California

Key West, Florida


Contaminated drinking water in Flint Michigan


The Crow tribe in Montana would like to export coal

New York

Bald eagles were poisoned by a farmer in New York State

The Riverhead Landfill Reclamation, by Carl Fritz, P.E.

Radioactive ore was found at a closed Tungsten mill

if a Lone Star Tick bites you, you might become allergic to red meat!

Jimmy the dry cleaner

Cadmium soil contamination, cleanup case study

Shipworms and Gribbles are thriving in New York City harbour because the water is cleaner

The Perc Plume by John E. Conover, Jr., P,E.

Don’t rake the leaves!

The Exploding Drum

The Radio Transmitter and PCB contamination

Southampton, N.Y.

The Case of the Missing Screwdriver

A chloroform spill

Contamination in groundwater is found near leaf composting sites

A misapplication of Parathion

Coal ash spill in North Carolina

In Pennsylvania coal country, a coal burning power plant is being replaced with a plant that uses natural gas

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