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Chapter 5. Water

John E. Conover, Jr., P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York
and Chiang Mai, Thailand

August 5th, 2018

Could this fuel tank cause an environmental problem?

Chapter 5. Water

Water contamination in the historical moat of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Waterless toilets

Air stripping towers can remove volatile chemical contaminants from water

Contaminated drinking water in Flint Michigan

Brazil, preparing for the summer olympics with boats to clean up floating garbage

Pollution of the Lanxi River, Hunan province, China

Water pollution in Bangladesh

He falsified waste water test reports and went to jail

A desalinization plant in Tianjin , China

Water pollution in a stream in Jerusalem

Sewage pollution from the Gaza Strip

In Kenya, 5 aquifers have been discovered

Pollution in the Ganges River in India

500 million people in India do not have toilets(2014)

Wastewater from Maxico City is used to irrigate crops

The Chiang Mai City moat, a historical man-made water body, and a symbol of Chiang Mai, is contaminated with fecal coliform

Dear Friends, and if you care about the environment , you are my friends...Just like Harvey Penick, the famous golf teacher, used to say, if you love golf, you are my friends.

Maybe you have noticed,  I have chosen stories for you to read, but I donít explain everything, I want you to figure stuff out by yourself......but there is a very important concept that I do not want you to i will try to explain it- a lot of the water pollution in this world is from from sewage/human waste/ POOPY getting flushed and ending up in the oceans or rivers or the groundwater....(and if it goes in the groundwater it will then go to the rivers or the oceans).

How can we stop this? What can we do? If a country has enough money, they can build sewage treatment plants and clean th POOPY out of the water.....and if a country does not have enough money to treat the sewage, all of the bad waste water will go to the ocean, or the rivers.

And then if we eat the fish from the contaminated water, we will get sick. Believe me, I know....On my second trip to Thailand, I ate fish that was not cooked enough to kill the germs... I got a fever and diarrhea, i should have gone to the hospital....but i did not.....I lived to tell you this story.

Maybe you have noticed, but the first story in this section is about waterless toilets..    And in other sections of this website, thre are stories about solar power and the price of electricty is going down......can you connect the dots?

If the price of electricity goes way down.... and we invest in toilets that burn our poopy instead of flushing it....our world will be much, much, much cleaner.

I hope I see this before I kick it. 


Chiang Mai City, wastewater treatment, current and proposed.....why did I highlight one paragraph?

There are rats and parasitic worms in the Chiang Mai Moat

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