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Chapter 4 Wildlife Conservation

John E. Conover, Jr., P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York
and Chiang Mai, Thailand

March 15th 2018

Shark fins for sale in Bangkok, 2005

Elephant Welfare by Veterinarian Bjarne Clausen

The DNA from elephants tusks can show us where the elephants were killed

Elephant DNA can help to find poachers

An Elephant sanctuary in North Thailand

Bald eagles were poisoned by a farmer in New York State

Cathay Pacific refuses to ship shark fins

Information about sharks

Whale watching trip to Mexico to see Grey Whales

In Mongolia, wildlife populations are declining drastically


The ecology of the Tibetan Plateau

Dolphins and sea lions report for active duty in the US military

A zebra skin for sale in New York City,
ca 1975

Monarch butterflies population has decreased

A pesticide that harms monarch butterflies was banned

Smugglers of endangered sea turtle products were caught and went to jail

Shipworms and Gribbles are thriving in New York City harbour because the water is cleaner

if a Lone Star Tick bites you, you might become allergic to red meat!

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