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Ch. 17 Pollution and Health

John E. Conover, Jr., P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York
and Chiang Mai, Thailand

May  22nd, 2018

“Pollution and Health”, a report by the Lancet commission and comments from me.

The complete Lancet report

My comments on the Lancet report

Health effects of air pollution in England, in the late 1800s

The complete article about air pollution in England

My comments on this article

Dengue fever and mosquito habitat control

A fact sheet on Dengue Fever from the World Health Organization
 has some very important information.

Thailands Public Health Act, BE 2535, an unoffical translation

“Thailand Momentum on Policy and Practice in Local Legislation on Dengue Vector Control”

My comments on the above 3 articles and Dengue control in Thailand

You may be asking, if this website is about environmental education, why is there an article about dengue
fever , which is transmitted by mosquitos. What does this have to do with pollution?

From the WHO factsheet:

“At present, the main method to control or prevent the transmission of dengue virus is to combat vector
 mosquitoes through:

Preventing mosquitoes from accessing egg-laying habitats by environmental management and modification;
 disposing of solid waste properly and removing artificial man-made habitats;...”

(there are more methods to control the transmission of dengue, please see the article)

The solid waste of used tires is a habitat for breeding mosquitos. Piles of old tires outside of tire stores
should be cleaned up.  If a tire store wants to save used tires for resale or retreading, the tires should be
 covered with a tarp or under a roof so that rainwater does not collect in the tires. The mosquitos lay
their eggs in the water inside the tires.


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