John E. Conover,Jr., P.E.
Long Island, New York


This website has 3 parts- environmental education, some of my favorite photos, some of  my fatherís photos from World War 2.

Please note that I have retired and am no longer available for consulting. I will continue this website so that anyone can read my stores about pollution and the environment.

thanks, John C


If you would like to use any of the photos on this website, for any type of publication, you have my permission with the following conditions:
1. put my name or my Dadís name under the photo
2. also put my website name
3. send me an email
4. send me a copy of the publication

Thanks from John C, Jr

revised January 15, 2016


Environmental news stories from around the world-these stories interest me and maybe they will interest you! I will add more stories in the future.

My best friend, Dave Adler, builds air strippers for the remediation of contaminated groundwater, or to treat drinking water.... for more info, click on the photo of Dave in his airplane....

What kinds of food should we eat for maximum health and happiness?  If you read this article you may be surprised.......


My CV is available by clicking on my photo. Please note that I am not seeking employment- I have included my CV so that people can read about my experience of working to protect the environment.

Click on the tigerís face to read stories about wildlife