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May 27th, 2017

John E Conover, Jr , P.E
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York, USA

The purpose of this website is to share environmental stories with you.  Some of the stories are from the news, some I wrote, and my friend Carl wrote one.

I hope that you will learn something interesting about the environment or nature
and then you will want to learn more.
I will also put in some of my photos and my father’s photos from World War 2.

Please note that I am not seeking employment, I am retiredI am redoing this website and it is not complete yet. Please visit again in the near future and there should be more stories
If you have any questions about any of the stories or any environmental questions, please send an email to me.Thanks.

“I want you to know what I know. I want you to know I want you to know”......
B. Kidder

Environmental Stories:

Chapter One, Solid Waste

The Long Island Garbage Barge

The Riverhead Landfill Reclamation, by Carl Fritz, P.E.

The Maldives, solid waste management problems and recommendations

Chapter 2, Global Warming

The World’s Carbon Inventory

How much carbon is in the oceans and the atmosphere?
by John Conover Jr.,, P.E, May 2012

Ice ages and carbon, NY Times, February 28 2013

Australian camels could be shot to curb methane emissions

Increases in CO2 in the atmosphere may be helping the earth to be greener

NASA can measure claciers all over the world

Deforestation increases in the Amazon forest

Chapter 3, Air pollution

Seasonal Air Pollution in Northern Thailand

Bhopol Air Pollution disaster, 1984, NY Times

Bhopol Disaster, Wikipedia article

India, 2014, Environmental rules weakened,
               NY Times, December 4 2014

Chapter 4, Wildlife Conservation

The DNA from elephants tusks can show us where the elephants were killed

Elephant DNA can help to find poachers

An Elephant sanctuary in North Thailand

Bald eagles were poisoned by a farmer in New York State

Cathay Pacific refuses to ship shark fins

Monarch butterflies population has decreased

Whale watching trip to Mexico to see Grey Whales

Chapter 5. Water

Waterless toilets

Air stripping towers can remove volatile chemical contaminants from water

Contaminated drinking water in Flint Michigan

Brazil, preparing for the summer olympics with boats to clean up floating garbage

Pollution of the Lanxi River, Hunan province, China

Chapter 6, Oil, Coal and Natural gas

Oil sands of Canada

In Pennsylvania coal country, a coal burning power plant is being replaced with a plant that uses natural gas

Fracking in Jiaoshizhen, China

Chapter 7 Hazardous Waste and Superfund

Coal ash spill in North Carolina

Chapter 8 Pesticides

All Natural ways to Banish Ants, Mosquitos and Spiders, Yahoo, May 15, 2015

A misapplication of Parathion

Chlorpyrifos a pesticide, was recommended to be banned by the EPA when Obama was president. After Trump was elected, the ban was rejected

Chapter 9 Light Pollution

Light pollution regulations from the Town of Southampton, Long Island, New York

Satellite photo of North Korea at night

Chapter 10 Water power

Austria has river turbines to make electricity

Chapter 11 Solar Power

Chapter 12

North America’s larget coal burning power plant was shut down and will be replaced with a solar energy farm

A giant solar power plant in Morocco

Radiation and Radioactivity

Ukraine to open the Chernoble zone to tourists

Shark fins for sale
in Bangkok, 2005

Extreme tourism at Chernoble

Chapter 13

Chapter 14 Agriculture

Pollution from nature

Helping bees in California

Chlorpyrifos a pesticide, was recommended to be banned by the EPA when Obama was president. After Trump was elected, the ban was rejected

Chapter 15 Miscellaneous environmental stories

The arctic village of Nunavut, Canada
 was surveyed for Google street view

Environmental activisits have been killed

Ocean noise pollution

Chapter 16 The History of Pollution

Switzerland’s history of toxic properity

Chapter 17, The Future of Pollution

The population of the world might decline in the future

Chapter 18 My comments on the above stories

Fracking in Jiaoshizhen, China

Boating on Bahia Magdalena 1978, looking for grey whales

stream gaging in the headwaters of the Connetquot River, Long Island New York

stack testing in region 5

Beijing Airport , August 2013

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