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John E. Conover, Jr., P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Long Island, New York
and Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 10th, 2018

The website has 3 parts: Article and stories about the environment and pollution. These have been selected because they are educational and/or interesting.

Some of my Dad’s photos from WW2 are here.

And some of my photos also.

Please note that I am not seeking employment. I am retired. My resume is here so that
you can read of my experience.

Could this fuel tank cause an environmental problem?

New stories:

if you would like to read environmental stories about one country or region, you can look at this index to save time

Pollution and health, a report by the Lancet Commission, and my comments

 “Diseases caused by pollution were responsible for an estimated 9 million premature deaths in 2015—16% of all deaths worldwide”

Elephant Welfare by Veterinarian Bjarne Clausen

Inspection of a landfill liner installation in Smithtown, New York

 Environmental Stories:

Chapter One, Solid Waste

Chapter 2, Global Warming

Chapter 3, Air pollution

Chapter 4, Wildlife Conservation

Chapter 5. Water

Chapter 6, Oil, Coal and Natural gas

Chapter 7 Hazardous Waste

Chapter 8 Pesticides

Chapter 9 Light Pollution

Chapter 10. Solar, wind, and water power

Chapter 11.  Radioactivity

Chapter 12 .Agriculture

Chapter 13. Miscellaneous environmental stories

Chapter 14. The History of Pollution

Chapter 15.  The Future of Pollution

Chapter 16, My resume or CV. I have included this so that you can read about my experience as an environmental engineer. Please note that I am not seeking employment.

Chapter 17 Pollution and health

Country and region index

A boat was discarded in this landfill

An air stipper in Seymour,
Connecticut to clean

Stream gaging in the headwaters of the Connetquot River, Long Island, New York

On the Garbage Barge

Boating on Bahia Magdalena looking for grey whales

Fracking in Jiaoshizhen, China

stack testing in region 5

Zebra skin for sale in NYC circa 1975

Steering the Don Jose on Bahia Magdalena

Beijing Airport , August 2013

collecting groundwater samlples at the Smithtown Landfill

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